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CoE Working Groups

CoE Workgroups

There are five working groups within the Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence, combining and engaging the collective resources and expertise of every center and their personnel in developing and implementing up-to-date and timely training material, as well as facilitating interstate collaboration between the CoE's. The Working Groups and their New York representatives are listed below:


  •   Martin Wiedmann (Coordinator), New York CoE
    • NYS Representative: Genevieve Sullivan


  • Katie Garman (Coordinator), Tennessee CoE 
    • NYS Representative: Paula Pennell-Huth, MPH

Informatics/Project Hg

  • Hillary Booth (Coordinator), Oregon CoE
    • NYS Representative: Amy Robbins, MPH


  • Craig Hedberg (Coordinator), Minnesota CoE
    • NYS Representative: Daniel Kuhles, MD, MPH


  • Elaine Scallan (Coordinator), Colorado CoE
    • NYS Representative: Alexandra Newman, DVM, MPH, DACVPM
    • NYS Representative: Martin Wiedmann, Dr med vet, PhD
    • NYS Representative: Madhu Anand, DrPH
    • NYS Representative: Paula Pennell Huth, MPH
    • NYS Representative: Genevieve Sullivan